[New] Idioms and Phrases for kvs exam

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idioms and phrases for kvs exam- KVS PRT 2023-24 परीक्षा के लिए अंग्रेजी मुहावरे और वाक्यांश महत्वपूर्ण हैं। मुहावरों के वाक्यांशों का अच्छा ज्ञान होने से आपको KVS PRT 2023-24 परीक्षा के लिए अपने अंग्रेजी प्रश्न पत्र पर लगभग 5 अंक प्राप्त करने में मदद मिलेगी। मुहावरों का हमेशा शाब्दिक अर्थ नहीं होता है, वे अलग-अलग अर्थ और उपयोग के साथ अलग-अलग शब्द होते हैं। मुहावरों को समझने के लिए, आपको प्रत्येक मुहावरे के अर्थ और उपयोग से खुद को परिचित कराना होगा।

जो उम्मीदवार KVS PRT 2023-24 परीक्षा की तैयारी कर रहे हैं, वे नीचे दिए गए उपयोगी मुहावरों और वाक्यांशों को पढ़ सकते हैं-

Adam’s ale
Meaning- water
Example- They served us nothing but Adam’s ale at the function.
in thar air
Meaning- spreading about
Example- The plan to build underground railways in Delhi has been in the air for quite some time.
Alpha and Omega
Meaning- the beginning and the end
Example- corruption, it seems, is the alpha and Omega of the politics of today.
Back up
Meaning- support
Example- I won’t back up my friend if he is in the wrong.
a bed of thorns
Meaning- a very uncomfortable situation
Example- the prime ministership of a big country like India is a bed of Thrones.
Once in a blue moon
Meaning- very seldom
Example- the son now lives in a city and comes to see his parents once in a blue moon.
A black sheep
Meaning- someone with a bad reputation in an otherwise respectable group
Example- everyone of them is a thorough gentleman. He alone is the black sheep of the family.
Turn a blind eye
Meaning- pretend not to see
Example- the student kept throwing is stones at the vice-chancellor’s office as the Police turned a blind eye to their doings.
Burn the candle at both ends
Meaning- to exhaust once strength by overwork
Example- You are burning the candle at both ends. you will lose your health
Make a clean breast of
Meaning- to confess without concealing anything
Example- the accused made a clean breast of everything in the court.
Cat and dog life
Meaning- life full of quarrels
Example- they don’t like each other and have been living in a cat and dog life.
In the clouds
Meaning- with the ones thought far away, out of touch with reality
Example- most young people have their head in the clouds.
fifth columnist
Meaning- one who works against his own country in times of war
Example- every country has its quota of fifth columnists.
Cool one’s heels
Meaning- be kept waiting
Example- we had to cool our heels for quite sometime before we could see the minister.
cut no ice with
Meaning- have little or no influence on
Example- All his flattery cut no ice with him.
dislodge from
Meaning- remove from
Example- at the general meeting of the party, the Secretary was dislodged from his post.
in a fix
Meaning- in difficulty
Example- he is in a fix whether to accept the low-paid job or not.
give out that to be
Meaning- announce
Example- he gave out that he was certain to be the next chief minister of the state.

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